Booking Policy & Service Agreement 

Please note as of October 1, 2017, when you book an appointment with It's Me Krissy Leigh you are in agreement with the following policy/terms. 

  • A nonrefundable retainer is Required for all appointments to reserve your date and time. The remaining balance is due at your appointment. We only accept cash or debit/credit card as a form of payment.


  • Please be on time. A late fee of $10.00 will be applied to balance if you are 10 minutes late. If you are 20 minutes or more late to the scheduled appointment, the makeup artist may cancel your appointment. Our schedule is very tight and we wish to serve our clients on time. Your retainer is non-refundable, non-transferable.


  • Please arrive with a clean face and please have brows waxed/threaded prior to your appointment for expedited service.

  • Please see the following for our travel rates:

    • ONE travel rate of $35 will be applied and includes travel up to 15 miles from 77021.

    • ONE travel rate of $65 will be applied and includes travel up to 25 miles from 77021.

    • For all travel over 25 miles from 77021 or outside of Houston, please contact Krissy Leigh and she will provide you a quote.

    • The client is responsible for any valet/toll to their destination. The fee will be added to the remaining balance of service.

​​ ​

  • Please contact It's Me Krissy Leigh 24 hours before your appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Keep in my mind that your retainer/deposit is non-refundable, nontransferable.


  • If makeup artist cancels, you will receive a refund of retainer within 48 hours of cancellation.


  • If you have any open wounds, sores, or any skin condition on the face and/or body before the day/time of your service, please inform the artist, immediately.


  • If you arrive at the appointment, with any skin condition that could possibly contaminate the integrity of the makeup product, tools, and/or professional kit, the makeup artist may refuse service and no refund of any kind will be issued.


  • It's Me Krissy Leigh will not be held liable for any skin complications, injuries, losses, damages, claims, and actions.


  • Please refrain from bringing additional companions to your appointment, including children.

    • If you are bringing someone with you, please notify Krissy Leigh, prior to your appointment.


  • Please refrain from using any electronic device while your service is being performed.


  • At no time and under no circumstances whatsoever shall the makeup artist tolerate abusive, violent, destructive, menacing, or harassing behavior from the client or any party acting on behalf of the client.

    • If such behavior does occur, the makeup artist will quietly and respectfully inform the client and/or members to handle the situation.

    • However, if the behavior does not stop, the makeup artist will consider it a breach of contract under this clause, and vacate the premises immediately without providing any further services and all remaining fees will be due immediately and on the spot, regardless of further services not commenced and without any refund of monies paid.


  • It's Me Krissy Leigh may use photographs/video of client(s) for promotional use including but not limited to social media, flyers, and makeup artist professional website .


  • This business is based on biblical beliefs and principles. 


  • By booking our service or paying the invoice, you are agreeing to the above policies.


*If you are booking us for wedding day services, our policies may differ via the bridal contract.

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